Milana Samarskaya in Action

Hey, been awhile.  Just thought I’d share this gem from the desk of Milana Samarskaya.  She’s the genius illustrator for all things Sophichkin, and recently launched her online portfolio at — check it out!


Sophichkin Gets a Lift on Amazon!

Greetings!   I’m proud as punch to announce that the latest Sophichkin adventure, Sophichkin Gets a Lift, is now available on Amazon in eBook format!  In this go round, Sophichkin and her daddy have to make an emergency trip to the grocery store and find themselves face to face with …

Sophichkin Gets a Lift

There once was a little girl.  Her name was Sophichkin. One morning while making breakfast, her daddy discovered that they were out of milk.  Seeing as you cannot make proper cereal without milk, Sophichkin suggested that they drive to the grocery store to get some. “That’s a mighty fine suggestion!” …

Something To Tide You Over


It’s been awhile since the last update, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to clue you all into what’s what in the world of Sophichkin, and, as an added bonus, toss a “new” story out to the universe to see what happens.

First, Sophichkin:  The fourth Sophichkin story, Sophichkin Gets a Lift, is all done being illustrated, thanks to Milana Samarskaya!  I’ll be busy in the coming units of time getting everything assembled and ready for lift off…

The “new” story, entitled I Am, is a bit of a departure around these parts, as it isn’t a Sophichkin story at all (although I think her fans will like it just the same)!  It is intended to be the origin story of another little universe I’m creating for exciting, fun and sometimes scary stuff to happen in.  Of course, it’s just a work in progress, but  I’ll be adding more and more like this in the coming months (I have two more just sitting around collecting dust already).  I’d love to hear what you think!

I guess that’s all for now.  I’m sick, so I’ll be getting back to bed now.

Be well,



I Am

Once up on a time, there was nothing. This was a long time ago, before there were words like “long time ago” or “boring.” Then came a word.  From the nothing, suddenly there was an I.  This I, all by itself, didn’t amount to much.  It didn’t even know it …

Sophichkin Smashes Words

Greetings, Sophichkin Sophisticates!  Great news for you all!  All of the previously published Sophichkin stories are now available for FREE on! We love this service.  Not only do they allow us to publish in multiple formats (PDF, MS Word, mobi, ePub, HTML and more) so you can enjoy the stories on …

Sophichkin Sings to Monsters on Amazon!

That’s right, Sophichkin is back and louder than ever! In her latest adventure (as always, illustrated by the talented and amazing Milana Samarskaya), Sophichkin does battle with with the monster under her bed.  Armed with only an array of joyous songs, will she ever get the sleep she needs?  Read Sophichkin …

Sophichkin Sings to Monsters

There once was a little girl.  Her name was Sophichkin. One night as she prepared for sleep, Sophichkin heard a noise coming from under her bed.  It was not a very beddy sounding sound.  It was also not a blankety sound.  It definitely was not doggy sound or a catty …

Don’t Stop Believin’

Even when things are quiet, the Sophichkin train keeps on a’rollin’. All the illustrations are in for Sophichkin Sings to Monsters and Milana and I are finalizing the cover now!  Once it’s ready, I plan to make it available for free as an eBook on Smashwords and at cost on Scribd and Amazon both, so stay tuned.  Up next is Sophichkin’s Teacup!

On that note, I’ll be porting all of the yet-to-be-illustrated stories to myriad digital formats and making them available for free on multiple channels (including Scribd and Smashwords).

I was recently challenged by a friend to produce one story per month for the next year and to give them all away.  So it’s on.  I counted Sophichkin Gets a Lift as the first story in the challenge, so only 11 more to go!

I’ve started work on a few new projects, among them one short story collection (#bears, #tourists, #monks, #eagles) and a short novel length story (#soulmates, #goats), both for young adults.  The real life Sophichkin also fed me the synopsis for another children’s book this very morning, informing me that I have no say in the matter — it will get written!  Fairies and insects are involved.  So there’s that.  Assuming she has the time and willingness to work with me again, this one should be a bonanza of fun for Milana to illustrate.

Remember to always be kind,