Sophichkin’s Teacup

Sophichkin’s Teacup

There once was a little girl.  Her name was Sophichkin.

One sunny summer day, she decided to go the beach with her daddy.  It was a perfect day for beaching and Sophichkin imagined all the fun they would have together.

They brushed their teeth and hair, put on clothes and headed to the beach.

Once they arrived, Sophichkin noticed all of the big waves crashing into the sand.  She wondered why the ocean was so angry with the sand, as it had done nothing un-sand like.  After much hard thinking, she decided that it must be because the water had eaten some bad shellfish and had an upset tummy.  Upset tummies always made her cranky too!

Sophichkin knew just what to do.  She would go into the water and remove the bad shellfish.  That would surely calm its tummy and make the water stop beating on the poor sand.

Realizing that she had no shellfish net, Sophichkin grabbed the next best tool available: her toy teacup.  Sophichkin was very proud of herself for thinking of such a clever idea.

She ran to the water, teacup in hand, and went searching for the bad shellfish.  While she looked, Sophichkin comforted the water by saying “Good water, good water” in her best daddy voice.  She wasn’t sure if this worked for water, but her daddy’s voice always made her feel better when she was ill.

After many long minutes of looking, Sophichkin finally came upon a shellfish in the water.  It didn’t look particularly bad.  It didn’t look particularly good for that matter.  It just looked like a normal shellfish doing shellfish type things (which, as it turns out, isn’t much).  But there it was all the same, just sitting there causing a giant watery tummy ache.  There really was no other explanation.

Sophichkin lowered her teacup into the water toward the shellfish, intent on plucking it out.  But an unexpected thing happened as she did.  Her teacup filled with water!  Whatever would she do?  If her teacup was full of water, there would be no more room for the tummy ache causing shellfish!  This was a very big problem.

She pulled the teacup out of the water and plunged it back in again, this time faster.  If she did so quickly enough, surely she could reach the shellfish before the water had time to fill the teacup.

Sophichkin was quite disappointed to discover that no matter how fast she moved, the angry water was faster.  Why must it ruin her clever plan?  All she wanted was to fix the tummy ache!  The water was being quite rude and not thinking this through this very clearly, she decided.

Sophichkin was now quite angry with that stubborn water, so she stomped back to her daddy.

“The water has a tummy ache, but it won’t let me get the bad shellfish!  It keeps filling my teacup up with water, and oh, the poor, poor sand!  I don’t understand why it is being so stubborn!” she cried.

Looking quite confused, her daddy said “Maybe the water would like some tea to calm its tummy.  That always works for me.”

“Of course!” Sophichkin shouted gleefully.  “Sometimes it is best to let a teacup just be a teacup!”

So Sophichkin sat down with her daddy, the sand, the shellfish and the water and they all had a wonderful tea party together.  The water continued to beat on the sand, but she decided that the sand must’ve deserved it somehow after all.

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