Sophichkin Stretches

Sophichkin Stretches

There once was a little girl.  Her name was Sophichkin.

One day, after climbing trees with her friends, Sophichkin noticed that her shoulders were rather sore.

“This will not do,” she thought to herself.

Sophichkin decided that the best thing for sore shoulders was to stretch them.  To be sure, she asked her shoulders, and they agreed that stretching was the right thing to do.

One shoulder asked to be raised high in the air.  So Sophichkin lifted it high over her head and aimed it at the sky.  Her shoulder said that it rather enjoyed this, and thanked her by becoming a little bit less sore.

Sophichkin’s other shoulder said that its arm would rather point at the ground.  Sophichkin nodded and aimed her arm at her feet.  Her shoulder was very grateful and sighed happily as it began to relax.

Sophichkin then stretched her arms wide.  She imagined that she was touching the stars and the ground at the same time.  The stretching felt very good.  Her shoulders thanked her again and asked him to continue.  They were becoming less and less sore by the moment!

Sophichkin’s daddy walked into the room and noticed her in a strange position.

“What are you doing, Sophichkin?” he asked.

“I’m stretching my shoulders, daddy.” she answered.  “It feels like the right thing to be doing.”

“I see,” said her daddy.

Sophichkin stretched some more.

“You know, if you just turned your hips a little this way and pointed your nose that way and breathed like this, you’d be doing a Yoga pose called ‘Extended Side Angle Pose’” said Sophichkin’s daddy.

Her daddy twisted his hips this way, pointed his nose that way and began breathing very loudly.  It did not look comfortable at all.  She found his loud breathing to be quite funny indeed, but he looked pleased to be doing it.

“Oh, that’s nice, daddy.” said Sophichkin.

“Don’t you want to do it properly?” asked her daddy.

“No thank you, daddy.  I’m just stretching my shoulders.” she said.

Her shoulders said they felt all better, so Sophichkin went to climb more trees.