About Sophichkin

Sophichkin is an illustrated children’s book series written by Daniel S. Fettinger and illustrated by Milana Samarskaya.  The stories focus on the adventures of a little girl, appropriately named Sophichkin, and her adventures with her daddy.  The Sophichkin series aims to help children (and adults) learn to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, recognizing all the little miracles that happen every day.

The Writing


Daniel S. Fettinger

She runs.
She runs.

Daniel S. Fettinger was born in Michigan. He stayed there for a number of years until he decided not to live there anymore. Now he lives in San Francisco, a town he finds quite to his liking. After studying English at Michigan State University, Daniel spent 25 years making computers go “beep boop beep” until finally deciding to pursue his first love.

These days Daniel writes stories for children like his daughter. He hopes other kids (large and small) will enjoy what he writes. In his spare time he is a tinkerer, a Reiki Master and a homework assistant, sometimes all at once.

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The Arting


Milana Samarskaya

I draw.
I draw.

Milana was born in Elista, Russia.  She started drawing when she was a very little girl, illustrating her favorite fairy tales, drawing princesses, horses and castles.  In 2015 she graduated from the Southern Federal Universtitet in Taganrog, Department of Graphic Design (specialist).  After her studies, Milana started her career as a freelance illustrator.  She is currently based in Taganrog, Russia.

She paints in watercolor and ink, illustrating children’s stories, working on postcards, making prints for clothing and books.  To contact Milana about her work, please email her at misamarskaya at gmail dot com.  You can also view her online portfolio at