Sophichkin Reads the Signs

Sophichkin Reads the Signs

There once was a little girl.  Her name was Sophichkin.

Sophichkin woke up one morning and saw that the sky was blue and the sun was shining.  She realized that it was Sunday and decided to take a walk since these were all good reasons for walking.

Sophichkin climbed out of bed, brushed her teeth and hair, put on clothes and headed out the door.  Feet were meant for walking, so she walked…

And she walked…

And she walked some more…

And then she walked some more yet…

She came upon a beautiful field of green, green grass.  It was only then that Sophichkin realized how tired her feet had become from all of that walking!

“I need to rest,” she said to herself.

So Sophichkin walked into the field of green grass, as what better purpose for green grass than to rest weary feet?

As she sat down, she noticed a sign sticking out of the ground.

The sign had big red letters that said “STAY OFF THE GRASS,” but Sophichkin couldn’t be bothered to read them.

Then she said, again to herself as there was no one else around to hear her, “Someone sure must’ve worked hard on that sign…”

“Someone had to cut and shape the wood into sign-y shapes…”

“Someone had to hammer the nails to hold the wood together…”

“Someone had to paint all of those pretty red letters on it…”

Realizing that sign must have a purpose like her feet and the green grass, Sophichkin plucked it out of the ground and fanned herself with it.  The cool air felt wonderful.

“Ah, what a beautiful day!” Sophichkin said to herself.