Sophichkin Smashes Words

Sophichkin Smashes Words

Greetings, Sophichkin Sophisticates!  Great news for you all!  All of the previously published Sophichkin stories are now available for FREE on!

We love this service.  Not only do they allow us to publish in multiple formats (PDF, MS Word, mobi, ePub, HTML and more) so you can enjoy the stories on whatever device you happen to have handy, not only do they allow us to set the price to anything we like (FREE!), but they also distribute for us to a metric-mess-ton of other retailers.

That means Sophichkin can now be found on Apple’s iBooks, Google Books, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Baker & Taylor, Gardners and about three gazillion other places.  She’s even likely to find her way into some libraries as a result.  How cool is that?

I’ll continue publishing first through Amazon, as I really like their Smile program and how easy it is to work with the mobi format, but moving forward you’ll also be able to find Sophichkin just about anywhere you’d buy books online.

Super duper mega jazzed.

PS: Sophichkin Gets a Lift is currently being illustrated.  Shhhh!