Sophichkin Gets a Lift on Amazon!

Sophichkin Gets a Lift on Amazon!



I’m proud as punch to announce that the latest Sophichkin adventure, Sophichkin Gets a Lift, is now available on Amazon in eBook format!  In this go round, Sophichkin and her daddy have to make an emergency trip to the grocery store and find themselves face to face with a strange talking animal.  What could it want from them?


Get the Sophichkin Gets a Lift eBook on Amazon now!


As you’ve come to expect, Sophichkin Gets a Lift is beautifully illustrated by the ever talented Milana Samarskaya, whose artwork never ceases to amaze me.  If you haven’t already, check out her Facebook page here.


New to the game?  It’s not too late to catch up!  All four Sophichkin stories can be purchased as a bundle here!


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