Something To Tide You Over


It’s been awhile since the last update, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to clue you all into what’s what in the world of Sophichkin, and, as an added bonus, toss a “new” story out to the universe to see what happens.

First, Sophichkin:  The fourth Sophichkin story, Sophichkin Gets a Lift, is all done being illustrated, thanks to Milana Samarskaya!  I’ll be busy in the coming units of time getting everything assembled and ready for lift off…

The “new” story, entitled I Am, is a bit of a departure around these parts, as it isn’t a Sophichkin story at all (although I think her fans will like it just the same)!  It is intended to be the origin story of another little universe I’m creating for exciting, fun and sometimes scary stuff to happen in.  Of course, it’s just a work in progress, but  I’ll be adding more and more like this in the coming months (I have two more just sitting around collecting dust already).  I’d love to hear what you think!

I guess that’s all for now.  I’m sick, so I’ll be getting back to bed now.

Be well,



Don’t Stop Believin’

Even when things are quiet, the Sophichkin train keeps on a’rollin’. All the illustrations are in for Sophichkin Sings to Monsters and Milana and I are finalizing the cover now!  Once it’s ready, I plan to make it available for free as an eBook on Smashwords and at cost on Scribd and Amazon both, so stay tuned.  Up next is Sophichkin’s Teacup!

On that note, I’ll be porting all of the yet-to-be-illustrated stories to myriad digital formats and making them available for free on multiple channels (including Scribd and Smashwords).

I was recently challenged by a friend to produce one story per month for the next year and to give them all away.  So it’s on.  I counted Sophichkin Gets a Lift as the first story in the challenge, so only 11 more to go!

I’ve started work on a few new projects, among them one short story collection (#bears, #tourists, #monks, #eagles) and a short novel length story (#soulmates, #goats), both for young adults.  The real life Sophichkin also fed me the synopsis for another children’s book this very morning, informing me that I have no say in the matter — it will get written!  Fairies and insects are involved.  So there’s that.  Assuming she has the time and willingness to work with me again, this one should be a bonanza of fun for Milana to illustrate.

Remember to always be kind,


Sophichkin Now in Paperback

Rejoice, Sophichkin faithful, for the paperbacks are here!  Composed of the first two Sophichkin stories (Sophichkin Meets a Mermaid and Sophichkin’s Mountain) all in one delicious papery package, Sophichkin: Volume 1 is now available for sale on Amazon.

Get it here!

As an added bonus, through Amazon’s Matchbook Program, you can get the eBook version of Sophichkin: Volume 1 for absolutely free when you purchase the paperback version!  How fantastic is that?  Who loves ya, baby?

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Free Words

In the spirit of giving, I’ve decided to make all of the yet-to-be-illustrated Sophichkin stories available to you for just four easy payments of zero.  No commitments, no monies, no rings on your finger.  Just free Sophichkin goodness for you, her adoring fans!

Begone passwords and barriers to entry!  Sophichkin must be free!  Read them, love them, hold them dear.  They’ll each be available for you to enjoy for free until they’re illustrated and ready for publication.  Both Sophichkin Sings to Monsters and Sophichkin’s Teacup are being drawed all pretty-like by the one and only Milana Samarskaya as we speak, so read them while you can!

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Sophichkin’s Mountain Free Download!

You heard it here first, folks!  The Kindle version of Sophichkin’s Mountain is available right now, for a limited time only, for FREE on Amazon!  This offer is good until Thursday night only, so get them while the getting’s good!

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Sophichkin Strikes Back!

Storytime Pup loves Sophichkin!

Great news!  Sophichkin Meets a Mermaid is going to be featured on Storytime Pup!  Storytime Pup is a wonderful YouTube channel for kids featuring (you guessed it) a giant puppy reading stories and generally being adorable.  If you haven’t yet done so yet, be sure to pick up your copy of Sophichkin Meets a Mermaid on Amazon today…or the puppy gets it.

I’ll be sure to post a link to the video as soon as it becomes available.

Sophichkin Meets a Mermaid Free Kindle Version!

For a limited time only (until Christmas Eve, to be exact), the Kindle version of Sophichkin Meets a Mermaid is free on Amazon!  If you download, please be so kind as to leave a review, and consider following the Sophichkin Facebook Page or signing up here for email updates!

I’m hard at work on the print version of Sophichkin Meets a Mermaid, and Sophichkin’s Mountain as well.  Both should be ready for prime time in the next week or two.  Stay tuned!

Peace love and hair grease,


Mountains, Mermaids and Amazons, Oh My!

Lots of things going on recently!  I’ve rearranged things quite a bit and opened the site to the public now that Sophichkin Meets a Mermaid is available in Kindle format on Amazon.  I’m so excited by this news that I’ve even set up an Amazon Author page for myself.  I guess that means I’m famous n’ stuff now.  All blog posts here will be mirrored there int he future.

Work on Sophichkin’s Mountain continues, with the always wonderful Milana Samarskaya.  By my count, we’re 7/12 of the way done now.  I hope to have something finished by the end of 2016.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I mentioned working with some additional illustrators in my last post.  Things are moving forward on that front, with two or three stories in the protected area of the site beginning in earnest.  I’ll keep you posted here as things progress.

Finally, I’m exploring some print options right now for those of you who simple must hold a dead tree in your hand as you read.  A rather well known publishing company has expressed interest, and I’m currently weighing the benefits of this route versus self publishing.  Either direction is exciting and opens up lots of new possibilities for Sophichkin and her adventures.

Until next time, please always be honest and never stop bargaining in good faith with destiny.


Choo Choo!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update, so what better time than a month late on a rainy, lazy Saturday afternoon?

I’ve been working to line up illustrators for all of the stories.  Milana Samarskaya, a wonderful artist from Taganrog, Russia, is just finishing up the pretty pictures for A Day for Meeting Mermaids. We’re now discussing which story to tackle next.  You can read more about Milana here.  She’s been wonderful to work with, and her dreamy, colorful style has been pitch perfect so far.

I’m in the process of ball rolling with two more fantastic artists and couldn’t be more excited to work with them both!  I don’t want to jinx anything just yet, so mums the word until we get a little further along…but I’m super duper mega stoked about it.  Their styles are wildly different, and should bring something unique to this little universe we’re creating.

You may have noticed (who am I kidding, no one is reading this) that I’ve changed the generalized, ambiguous main character in most of the stories to a little girl named Sophichkin.  I’ll be giving them all the same treatment as time permits, and using that as a chance to give another editorial pass to each story.  For those in the know, Sophickin is a nod to my own little girl, and she’s pleased to be the heroine in all of these stories.  That world weary, jaded and pragmatic part of me that pays mortgages and electricity bills also recognized this as a chance to produce them all as a series in the hopes of moving more product.  Try it, you’ll like it.  First one’s free, kid.

The Winding Path Publications route proved to bear no fruit, but I’m still very excited about Kindle and ePublishing as well as some print-on-demand avenues.  J.J. Fast Publishing continues to be a great resource to flatten my rather extreme learning curve.

So what’s next?  Well, hopefully I get off my bum and pound out the 15 or so stories languishing in the “Ideas” folder of my Scrivener project.  The messages and plots are all ready.  I just need to put my fingers on the keyboard and give them all proper births.

After that, who knows?  I’d like to tackle something a little meatier and have a few ill formed concepts bouncing around inside my skull, but nothing concrete as yet.  I’ll be sure to keep all zero of you that are reading these posts up to the month as to what’s happening.  Until then, keep it simple, be honest and always bargain in good faith with destiny…