Free Words

Free Words

In the spirit of giving, I’ve decided to make all of the yet-to-be-illustrated Sophichkin stories available to you for just four easy payments of zero.  No commitments, no monies, no rings on your finger.  Just free Sophichkin goodness for you, her adoring fans!

Begone passwords and barriers to entry!  Sophichkin must be free!  Read them, love them, hold them dear.  They’ll each be available for you to enjoy for free until they’re illustrated and ready for publication.  Both Sophichkin Sings to Monsters and Sophichkin’s Teacup are being drawed all pretty-like by the one and only Milana Samarskaya as we speak, so read them while you can!

While you’re at it, please do us both a favor and sign up for the Sophichkin newsletter!


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