Sophichkin is Listening

Sophichkin is Listening

There once was a little girl.  Her name was Sophichkin.

One morning as she woke, Sophichkin’s daddy called from downstairs.

“Sophichkin, wake up!  It’s time to get ready for school!”

Sophichkin did not hear her daddy calling.  She was still quite busy being sleepy and arriving at morning time in her bed.  She listened dreamily to the birdies singing their morning time songs outside her window.  She loved their morning time songs.  They always sang them when it was time to get up.  She smiled and climbed out of bed, whistling the birdie songs to herself.

Sophichkin skipped to the bathroom to brush her teeth and hair.  As she did, her daddy again called from downstairs.

“Come downstairs, Sophichkin!  It’s time for breakfast!”

Once again, Sophichkin did not hear her daddy calling.  She was too busy brushing her teeth and hair while listening to all the silly grumbling noises her tummy made each morning.  She knew that all that rumbling and grumbling meant “Feed me!” in tummy language.

“It must be time for breakfast!” she thought to herself as she whistled the birdie songs, patted her grumbly tummy and skipped down the stairs to eat.

Sophichkin’s daddy had cooked her favorite breakfast: eggs and toast with strawberry jam.  She sat down at the table to feed her grumbly tummy as her daddy prepared his morning tea.  She would have liked to have continued whistling the birdie songs, but that is very hard to do with a mouth full of eggs and toast with strawberry jam (not to mention messy).

Sophichkin had just finished eating, which had quieted her grumbly tummy, when her daddy said “Sophichkin, the bus is here!  It’s time to leave for school!”

Still she did not hear her daddy!  Sophichkin was too busy listening to the whistling of the teapot.  It was telling her daddy that his tea was all done and ready to drink.  It whistled cheerfully every morning when it was time to leave for school.  Sophichkin got up from the table and smiled a happy smile, ready to catch the bus.  As she grabbed her backpack and skipped out the door, her daddy blew her a kiss goodbye.

“Have a good day, Sophichkin!  Thank you for being such a good listener!” he said, waving as he poured his morning tea.