Grand Opening

Grand Opening

This site is intended to be, at least initially, a workspace of sorts for my writings, and a way to share them with a select group of friends and family.  Please don’t share the username and password I gave you!  Most, if not all, of the stories posted here will be works in progress.  In other words, still under construction, in need of polish, clunky, poorly worded and just plain not done.  Chances are, the older the post, the more pretty and shiny it’ll be.  The newer the posts will definitely need some TLC (or to be thrown in the trash heap).

That said, I welcome and desire your feedback on any and all of the works here!  If I’ve invited you to read these, it’s because I value your opinion and trust you enough to be honest.  How and if you leave feedback is entirely up to you!  Use the comment fields, send me an email, call me on the phone, hit me up in chat.  Makes no difference to me.  I also reserve the right to ignore your opinions and secretly resent you for the rest of your life.

In the meanwhile, happy reading!


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